Business Vision

Creating Organic Partnerships for Organic Development

Human creativity and greed worked hand in hand for centuries to gather the whole humanity into a single village and to transform the world into a small and fragile nest. Business developers of the 21st Century face previously unknown global challenges, requiring them to take previously ignored responsibility for the long-term consequences of their decisions. Some might perceive the increased responsibility as a burden constraining the freedom of business development. We welcome the challenges of the new century as catalysts of responsible creative thinking leading to long-term sustainability and increased added value of development projects. Our goal is to facilitate the emergence of organic development projects and programs creating harmony between humans, technology and nature.

InnoNet Consult Ltd has been established in 1997 as a Hungarian-American joint venture. Our mission is to assist the emergence of
sustainable development projects across Central-Europe as catalysts, designers, conveners and mediators, contributing to the
success of our private and public partners.


We help project ideas and program concepts to emerge.


We support the development of project ideas, turning them into concrete plans.


We bring together project owners, investors, creditors, grantors, stakeholders of the business-, public- and civil sectors.


We play an intermediary role between different actors of different sectors, countries and cultures, contributing to the prevention and
solving of the conflicts and maintaining smooth cooperation in project- and program implementation.


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    We help the implementation of local- and international projects by offering professional project management services.

    Our services include:

    • Setting up project implementation plan and management structure;
    • Assuring smooth cooperation between project partners;
    • Change management.
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    We work together with our clients to turn their project- and program ideas into reality.

    Our services include:

    • Development of project- and program ideas.
    • Identification of professional partners across Europe, the US and other countries.
    • Convening potential partners and fine-tuning the project – and program ideas.
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    We assist our partners during the implementation of their projects and programs.

    Our services include:

    • Evaluation and quality assurance of our partners’ projects;
    • Assuring the quality of official communication with financing bodies and intermediary organizations;
    • Preparing reports and reimbursement requests.
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    Drawing on our 18 years experience in the field, we train and advise the staff of our partners.

    Our services include:

    • Elaboration of project preparation and management protocolls;
    • Sharing the experiences of our best practice projects;
    • Offering on-line and off-line services.

Innonet Consult Ltd.

Organic Partnerships for Organic Devlopement

Endre Borsos

Owner, CEO

Bruce L. Rosenberg

Owner, Senior consultant

Monori Mónika

Director of Business Development

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